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Library of the Four Winds - About Writing's Journal
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Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
2:15 pm
Invitation to join Brigits_flame
Hey all!

Thanks to windcharmer for giving me permission to post this, when I asked *ahem* 13 weeks ago. ::: grins ::: Windcharmer, if you'd like to promote your community in a post in mine, I'd be very happy to approve it!

I'd like to invite you all to compete in the brigits_flame monthly writing contest, and to share in the community fun. We have a great base of thoughtful, intelligent, and supportive members in the community, with no drama. Our focus is to socialize, become our best in writing, edit one another's work, and share our creativity with one another. We've been building our own community web site that shows all our community artwork (of which there are more than 200 icons and banners) and our community FAQ, for those who want to get an overview of what we're about or reference specific contest rules.

Here's a few great reasons to join brigits_flame:

1. Motivation to do your best: With a monthly contest, weekly writing topics, and 50% eliminations each week until week 4, the competition is tight! You'll have to write your best to keep in the running! Click here to learn how the main contest runs.

2. Weekly Editing: Anyone who writes on the topic is invited to sign up for editing from two of our team of editors. They'll give you solid, constructive feedback in a thoughtful and professional fashion. Learn about the community's editing team.

3. Daily Chatter Posts: Get to know a great, supportive, and intelligent base of members through sharing and discussion in our daily chatter posts. Topics range from the lighthearted to intense debate, depending on the day.

4. Feedback on your writing: Our ROAR team makes sure that everyone's submitted writing has been read and has been given constructive, friendly feedback from community members.

5. Moderators who care: We have four great moderators who will be there to respond well and quickly to any of your questions or concerns.

6. Great reading: There's some excellent stuff being presented to the community every week! If you're looking for some great reading material, this is definitely the place!

Whether you're writing fiction, poetry, fanfiction, nonfiction, screenplays, or just blogging, your writing is welcome! We're a well-established, stable community running for its 15th month! Anyone is welcome- even if English is not your native language. We'd love to see you there! ^_^

Brigits_Flame Banner:  Click here to sign up!

Click on the banner to join the July Contest! All are welcome! Signups run until 12pm EST, July 6!
Sunday, July 8th, 2007
11:59 am
Dialogue only exercise
One of you mentioned that you would be interested in the dialogue only exercise that I mentioned in the last topic. I had intended on posting it during the week, but RL intervened.

Anyway, this is based on a way of writing that I developed for myself in fanfic. There are many times when I want to write, but just can't seem to get myself moving. I am a lover of dialogue, and I love getting two characters together (usually Jack and Daniel from Stargate or particularly Michael and Kitt from Knight Rider) and get them into a discussion....usually an argument.

It's an easy techniqueCollapse )

Dialogue is excellent for exposition and there is no greater exercise for putting exposition into dialogue than writing a dialogue only fic.

The other thing this little exercise is good for is developing character voices. Michael is a laid back casual type of guy. Kitt is an artificial intelligence built into a car. Their ways of speaking are vastly different and in a dialogue only fic you can tell the difference between who is speaking simply by what is said. This is always a good thing in writing. Every character needs to develop a good voice.

Here is the rest of the fic, just so you can see how the story developed. This was a free write. I simply sat down and wrote whatever came to mind.

“What are you, my mother?”Collapse )

And there you have it, a simple story created almost entirely out of dialogue.

But just to illustrate the point I made about character types, here is the same fic in a different fandom.

“It was your fault.”Collapse )

The exercise...

Write a dialogue only fic starting with the line "You can't do that.". Any fandom/original verse, any length. Just sit down and write and see what happens.

Of course, if you get too characters arguing in your head for hours, well, sorry....I've heard that blowing one of them up helps :D

(with too many voices in her head)
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
11:28 pm
Topic 07-01 Dialogue
These are a few points I drew together for last week's writers' group meeting. Important points about dialogue.
  • Each character has to have an individual voice

  • - personal words and turn of phrase
    - reflecting background and nationality (but not to the point of heavy accent)
    - remember to say it as the character would say it.
  • Do not write long stretches of dialogue. break it up with movement, action, images or responses from other characters.

  • Do not waste space with inanities. Every word spoken should have a definite purpose just like all words in writing.

  • Do not use unlikely verbs in place of 'said', eg. snorted, laughed. These are separate actions to speaking. Separate them out, eg. "dialogue here." He snorted.

  • Personally, I avoid the word 'said' altogether. I prefer to write relevant prose in a way that identifies the speaker. 'Said', for me, is a last resort. But this is a disputed point.

  • Say the dialogue out loud to test it.

  • To practise, start with an argument.

There was an exercise where I demonstrated how to easily start a dialogue only fic...would anyone be interested?

Also, I have some notes on direct speech punctuation if anyone would like me to post them.

So, anyone else have any tips for writing dialogue?

(trying is the first step of doing)
11:17 pm
About Topics
First up, I am not the perfect writer. Like anyone, I'm good at some things and lousy at others. There are things I know and things I don't know.

What I would like to make clear is that I 'm not omniscient, I'm a librarian not a teacher and what I say may not necessarily be absolutely correct.

But then I'm not trying to be.

The topics presented every week are topics that may be of interest to everyone. They will be a mix of exerpts from writing books, knowledge from people I know and whatever pieces of information I can draw from the two neurons I call a brain. They are topics to be discussed, debated, even perhaps argued over a little, though in the politest of manners, of course. One of the biggest steps in learning is to learn to question, so don't hesitate to express your opinion or your knowledge. We are all here to share.

Because, please remember, writing is an art and there is no black and white in art.

(Librarian in residence)
11:07 pm
Welcome to the Library of the Four Winds!
Welcome to the Library of the Four Winds - Technical Services.

aboutwriting is a writing discussion community.

- This is the place where you can discuss the technical details of writing, share your experiences and learn from others.

- Once a week a topic regarding an aspect of writing will be posted. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge and to ask as many questions as they like. Members are also encouraged to post their own topics for discussion at any time.

- There is no strict due date for for responses to any of these topics, but please remember that a community is nothing without participation.

- Any discussion of topics with a rating beyond PG-13, a length beyond 250 words or with spoilers should be kept behind a cut with appropriate warnings attached. The responsibility for what is read lies with the reader. The responsibility for the warnings lies with the writer.

- PLEASE NOTE - This is not the place to post writing works beyond illustrating a query or point. Beta/critique requests can be made, however, all betawork/critiquing must occur outside of the community. if you wish to post fiction, please visit the creativewriter or libraryofwinds sections of the Library.

- The Librarian does not speak chat speak, so if you want to be understood, proper English or other language is a good idea.

- Play nice, Windcharmer carries a yard long steel ruler around with her, misbehave and expect painful knuckles.

- The Librarian reserves the right to ban and/or kick out any malcontents. Please play nice or she will call in a tornado.

- All queries to windcharmer

Welcome to the Library of the Four Winds...enter and be entertained…
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